Mali Music “Go”es Off In New Song Addressing The Critics // @MaliMusic

Would it be awkward to point out that this song reminds me of Akon or is that one of those artistic things I was supposed to pick up on? Anywhoo…It looks like Mali got tired of folks talking smack about his latest business ventures (Side rant: this choppy video on Youtube was the most reputable source I could find), so he decided to formally address the critics in the best way an artist can — he put it in a song. I must say that I appreciate dude for not crying all over the track but, rather, keeping it simple and to the point. This isn’t something I would bump in my headphones on the daily, but I don’t think that was the purpose anyway. The decision to address the public in this format was clever, in my opinion, because it accomplishes two things: 1) It tells the haters to “have a seat _/” in the most loving, Christiany way possible. 2) It appeases the Mali fanatics who’ve been waiting on life support for dude to release some new music. And there you have it, folks! If this song doesn’t quite give you your fix, be sure to go cop “The Job Experience” on iTunes and vote for his new video which he recently premiered on 106 & Park. It’s not enough to have the kingdom walk up in the building; we gotta tear that sucker down too! Let me know your thoughts (in other words, leave a comment so I don’t feel like I’m writing to myself). G+P! :)

I Got Nuttin But Love For Ya, Heavy D!

Side Note: Check out son in the clear rainsuit…All these years, and I still cannot!

I couldn’t let this moment go by without acknowledging one of the great music icons of my generation. It’s a shame that I didn’t appreciate him more while he was still with us, because he really did help to usher in my experience with and love for Hip-Hop at a young age. I didn’t know much about music except that I liked what I liked and all that mattered was the way that it made me feel. Whenever a Heavy D video came on, it made me feel happy and free. My hope and pray is that his soul is now happy and free, resting comfortably in the care of the Father. As we take this time to mourn and reflect, let’s allow the words of his final tweet to resonate deeply with our hearts…!/heavyd/status/133793313668071424

Editorial: It’s Official…Lecrae Doesn’t Give a Bleep! // @lecrae @reachrecords

Before I really get into this post, let me start by making a confession. Up until a few months ago, I was not too big on Lecrae’s music. The irony in all of this is that the first Christian rap song I ever heard that made me say, “Hmmm I could see myself bumping this”, was actually a Lecrae song — “Jesus Muzik” to be exact. Other than that one song, and a few others along the way, I hadn’t heard much of anything from him that stood out as being exceptional. I found his flows and wordplay quite unimaginative and it seemed as if his voice changed on every record. I’m all for expanding oneself in the styles of music you create, but when an artist is as well known as Lecrae, I should be able to recognize that he’s on a particular song just by listening to it. Continue reading

Kid Cudi “Comes Clean” in Oct/Nov 2011 Complex Issue

After a few very public embarrassments surrounding his reckless partying habits and an even more controversial separation from his management team, Pat & Emile, Mr. Mescudi sits down  with Complex magazine, and appropriately so, to reflect on the major events that have shaped his public image over the past year. In the following excerpt, he talks about the invigorating challenge of making music in his now sober condition:

Is this your first time creating music not under the influence?


What’s that like?

Stressful. But I love the challenge. It’s like a kid learning to ride a bike—you can’t have those training wheels forever. I have to learn how to be inspired by other things than my turmoil and pain and stress. I have to learn how to sit in the studio, clearheaded, and make a jam.

Read the full interview here

Guvna B Releases “Hometown Riots” #Pray4London

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Following the controversial murder of Mark Duggan, a series of riots (video) broke out in various parts of London as well as in other cities. What started as a peaceful protest against what many have deemed injustice, quickly turned into a scene out of Armageddon. Cars, stores, and homes were lit ablaze, several police officers were attacked, and many businesses were vandalized and looted. Total chaos ensued, and law enforcement hasn’t been much help in containing the crowds. In a last ditch effort to reach out to the youth, MOBO award winning gospel artist, Guvna B, released this tune as a plea to those involved in the riots to fight hatred with love. Let us all continue to keep our brothers and sisters in the UK in prayer, seeing as the battle is far from over. It is evident that this one tragic death, while it might have been the final straw, was not the spark that lit the flame. Political unrest as well as tensions regarding race and class clearly played a large role in the violent upheaval. If you’re reading this right now, please take a few minutes to pray for peace and restoration and that the body of Christ will rise up to reach the lost with the gospel. Also, be sure to keep Duggan’s grieving family in prayer as well. Grace & Peace to you all!

Please note that the articles and media sources cited in this post might contain economic and or racial bias as well as political propaganda. Read with proper discretion.