WTB Is This?!

Bleeping: playing a noise, usually a “beep”, over all or part of the word.

(definition from Wikipedia, Censorship of Music)

This blog is not politically correct. It will not stroke your ego for a shout out. It will not flood your timeline or mentions with mass tweets. It will not fill your inbox with (s)newsletters. It will not make you click thru 10 ads to get to the home screen. It will not automatically blast music through your speakers or headphones.

But I promise, if you stick around, it will open your mind to new ways of thinking. It will save you time, money, and megabytes that would have otherwise gone towards crappy music. It will give you the satisfaction that you’re not the only one. It will allow you the freedom to speak your mind. But most importantly, it will give you the courage to question authority, tradition, values, beliefs, theories, opinions, and not backdown until you receive a clear answer.

Curiosity is not and will never be condemned here. The only requirements are that you be vigilant and respectful. Grant yourself the permission to learn and grow with a community of believers and thinkers. WeDontGiveABleep.com is more than a blog, it’s an advocate for all that is good, just, honest, and honorable. It’s also a declaration to fight for our right to speak the truth and everyone’s right to hear it, so help us God! As the name suggests, we will never attempt to censor or distract from the word, meaning that which is true. However, we will nurture the mind that speaks, hears, or reads it.

If you’d like to learn more, share content, or start dialogue, contact us at:


4 thoughts on “WTB Is This?!

  1. Where has this blog been all my life???
    I love it!!
    …A generation not afraid to stand up for Christ!?! Sign me up.
    I don’t give a bleep!

    • Yay! A comment that isn’t spam lol. Thank you for checking out the blog and subscribing. Glad u like it. Be blessed :)

  2. I watched a couple of your video blogs on youtube and found them to be authentic and inspiring. In your pursuit of Christ you gave yourself room to grow letting Him do the changing rather than just modifying your behavior. Real CHANGE takes time. Speaking your personal opinions that may go against the grain or even the Gospel are necessary. We are not robots, humans bound to make mistakes, constantly being drawn back to the Father, and growing. That’s pretty much my summation of what I got out of what I’ve watched and read so far. Keep up with chronicling your growth and sharing.

    Oh yeah my boy shared Jason Upton with me in 2005. Wow! I was messed up on God for a while. I had never experienced God’s Presence in that way before. Some other artist you might like or probably have found already: John Mark McMillan, Rita Springer, Jonathan and Melissa Helser, Forever Jones, Timothy Brindle “Humility of Christ”

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