#JunkyardThursdays w/ Mark Chappelle :: Nothing Can Come Between Us

We’re still together. But sitting at opposite ends of the couch though. Not saying much to each other as we go in, out, and about the house. Sharing the same bed, but not touching. Going to church together, but not making eye contact. The honeymoon phase is over. Being together doesn’t give us the tingles anymore.

It’s been some time since we were on the same page. We’ve each made independent decisions that met with disagreement from the other. Some days I wonder exactly who I married. I’m not as attracted as I was at the start. I roll my eyes a lot now. I sigh hard and breathe out troubled subtext until our living space smells of it. One might say our relationship is strained.

When the dissonance between us gets so loud that I can’t stand to be in the same room, I wonder where we went wrong. People said we would always be together. We started off so strong. Couples have said they wanted to be like us. Yet now there’ve been several months though—I don’t know how far back to start counting—when I have not been the happiest in this relationship. It’s not looking so great right now.

But I remember our song:

“In the middle of the madness
When the time is running out and you’re left alone
All I want is you to know that
It’s strong still
Can’t pull us apart
Nothing can come
Between us
Nothing can pull us apart… can come between us.”

 [youtube http://youtu.be/_oVI0GW-Xd4&rel=0]


Mark Chappelle is a musician, singer, graphic artist, writer, composer, & balance artist who intends to push all of these abilities to their limits in his lifetime. Find his single, “It’s Heaven”, on iTunes, Amazon, or CD Baby. | Twitter: @markchappelle

Jerrell Wants You To Have A DREAM S.O.D.A. On Him (Excerpt)

(via HeatCasters)

I first found out about Jerrell Johnson in the fall of 2009, and I’ve been a fan and supporter ever since. (Throwback: LoveBaby’s Top 10 Life-Changing Mixtapes) Jerrell’s music transcends genres, knocks down barriers, and erases lines. I wouldn’t hesitate to share his music with anyone because that’s how versatile, relatable, and creative it is. Green Screen, Peanut Butter & Jealousy, True Colors, and now DREAM SODA aren’t just albums or mixtapes, they’re soundtracks for us average citizens who are too busy searching for answers to spend time and money watching thrones. Not only is Jerrell the people’s rapper, but he is also in a small class of artists that knows how to see a concept through from start to finish. Every word, note, and sound in DREAM SODA allows the listener to peak into the realm of thought where this beautiful work of art was created. Thus, in order to have the full experience, one must allot the necessary time to listen from start to finish.


If You Are A Christian, This Music Will Piss You Off.

Warning: The following music is ratchet in nature and not suitable for immature audiences. Listener discretion is advised.

I was at my cousin’s graduation party, on a Sunday of all days, when I heard the above song for the first time. Of course, most people are just dancing to the music without listening to the lyrics, including my family members whom I know would’ve had a fit if they knew what they were saying. Just in case you were hypnotized by the music yourself, I took the liberty of typing out the most shocking portions of the song for your convenience:

We make it light up like a church (Preach)
She wanna f**k and I say church (Preach)
Do Liv on Sunday like a church (Preach)


Bottle after bottle, drink until I overdose
Pull up in the Phantom watch them b***hes catch the Holy Ghost

0_o ….

Devil in a dress but if she knock I let her in
And if she knock I let her in

I have her wet by 12 o’ clock, then 3 o’ clock she wet again
I’m screaming Oh Lord, that p*ssy good, that p*ssy good

-_- …

I think y’all get the point.

“Amen”, which first appeared on Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 2 mixtape, was later mastered for better sound quality. (Update: He recently performed the song at Hot 97’s Summer Jam.) Thus, I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised if it received the full single treatment with radio placement and a video to go with it. Whether or not this song is a hit musically makes no difference. The hook is catchy and the lyrics are controversial enough to generate its own buzz. That’s all a song needs these days to stay in rotation. Thus, get ready to hear “Amen” everywhere you go for the rest of the summer.

As a Christian, there are several reasons to be upset about a song like this and I’m sure the music video will give several more. But before we go on a rebuking crusade, let’s really think about this. Who is actually being harmed by these reckless words? Jesus? The man was spit on, mocked, beaten, and falsely accused all before being crucified and pierced in the side. Would someone who endured all those things be worried about a silly rap song? What about the church? Everything that we stand for is being made into a joke and falsely applied. Well, if “Amen” gets your blood boiling, “The Gospel” might give you a heart attack:

Why am I writing this post, to piss people off? Yes, sort of… but for a greater purpose. Church, it’s time that we understand something. “Amen”, “The Gospel”, and any other blasphemous song should be the least of our concerns. After all, despite the incessant debating and bickering on these blogs, music really isn’t that important. That’s right people! In fact, I want you to read the following words aloud: IT’S ONLY MUSIC. How did that feel? Was your stomach doing the tootsie roll as you said it (aging myself)? Yes, music is very influential on society as a whole, but only because we’ve given it so much power. When you stop worshipping music and start actually listening, every song holds more meaning and you feel a deeper connection to the artists.

Music is not of the devil, period. I don’t care who’s making it. Music is neutral; but our mindsets determine the effects, good or bad. It’s deeper than genres or words. After all, how many Christians stopped listening to Tonéx when he came out the closet? His old music didn’t change; but people’s mindsets regarding his lifestyle determined their response. I don’t know Meek Mill, Drake, Jeremih, or The Treated Crew personally, yet I’m far more concerned with the condition of their hearts than I am with the content of their music. Yes, I heard what they said and I’m not happy about it; but if the bible is true, those words have done far more damage to them than they’ll ever do to me. Thus, all I can do is shake my head and pray that God has mercy on their souls. The more you slander a person and drop diss rebuke tracks, the more you fuel people to keep talking and living reckless. So if you really want to show that you care, stop bashing the music and start showing godly love to the people behind it. But if all you care about is shock value and short-lived results, pop in a G Craig dvd at your next bible study.

Keep prayin’ for Meek…