J Cole – “Lost Ones” Music Video // @JColeNC

WARNING: Strong Language

I’ve been wrestling with the decision to post this video on the blog since I first watched it last night on Herfection. Honestly speaking, I’ve never quite understood the hype surrounding J. Cole. Out of all the artists in his class, he’s probably the one I paid the least amount of attention to during his ascension up the industry ladder. Until now, I couldn’t fathom what contribution his music could make to the genre of Hip-Hop or what impact his moment in the spotlight could have on the world– and then I watched this video. While I don’t endorse 99% of the content in his music, this song proves that somewhere amidst all the debauchery and materialism is a speck of sound wisdom and, dare I say, light. As much as I’d like to pretend that I never saw this video and carry on with my same disregard for his existence, I didn’t inherit the genetic trait for ignorance. But in all seriousness, I must commend him for addressing the issues of sex, abortion and child abandonment as candidly as he did (though I should note that this song was recorded a few years ago). After J. Cole expressed that he was moved by Mali Music’s performance at the 2011 BET Awards, I think a few people were optimistic that a tearful, Tyler-Perry-esque conversion moment was on the horizon. Though that moment has yet to come, there’s no telling what God has planned for his future. So, in the meantime in between time, I suggest that we all keep praying for Mr. Cole (in my JGivens voice). Watch the video, if you can handle the strong language, and let me know what you think! G+P

Rapper Tackles the Issue of Homophobia in the Church in New Music Video // @ayvoice

Musically speaking, I probably wouldn’t bump this song while walking around in the streets; but I would definitely share it with others as a conversation starter. I have long felt that the church’s ways of dealing with homosexuality, from treating it like some super sin or ignoring it all together, have been outrageous and insensitive. After seeing a video a couple years back where this congregation tried to “shake the devil” out of a sexually confused young man, I was mortified and disgusted. The irony is that the same bible that lists homosexuality as an abomination a few times also lists unrighteous or partial judgment as an abomination even more times. However, I have yet to hear a fiery sermon condemning partiality or see someone cast out the demon of hypocrisy. I wonder why that is…Anyway, I could go in for days on this topic, but this post is about the video. I just want to salute rapper Voice for taking a stand in such a powerful way. I’m grateful to God for putting the burden to address this sensitive subject on a black, Christian man’s heart. It is time that we as believers stop playing games with people’s souls and seek the Lord diligently on how to destroy this monster that we’ve helped feed for so long. My prayer is that the Holy Spirit would guide us on a path to deeper concern and better understanding, in Jesus’ name. Grace + Peace, fam!

B.Reith “How the Story Ends” Mini-Documentary // @b_reith

B.Reith was one of the first artists whom I found out about in the early stages of my walk with Christ; but if you read the post about WDGAB “Going Secular”, then you already know that. Not only is B.Reith one of the most talented and versatile artists I’ve ever come across, but he brings something new and exciting to every song. His radiant personality shines through in his music, which makes for an exhilarating experience for all who listen to it. Though it probably goes without saying, I am so so so looking forward to November 1st, when I’ll get to hear How The Story Ends in its entirety. You can go ahead and pre-order the album at B.Reith’s official website, at which point you can immediately download his single, “Simple Days”. If you’re able to make it out to one of the MisFit Tour dates, you can see him rip the stage along with the likes of Ambassador, Da Truth, and Mali Music. There’s no telling what the future holds for Mr. Reith and his career, but I have a feeling that his mark on the kingdom and the world is one that will never fade. I hope you enjoy the mini-doc and pass it along to your friends! G+P

Shai Linne, Blair Linne, & Trip Lee Discuss Manhood and Courting // @ShaiLinne @blairlinne @TripLee116 @DaSouth

I was doing my daily rounds throughout the blogosphere when I came across this video of Trip Lee, Shai Linne, and Blair Linne talking about biblical manhood and how that plays out in Christian relationships. I found both Blair and Shai’s comments very insightful (I couldn’t really hear Trip that well), and a lot of the things they were saying actually tied in perfectly with the message I heard this morning. Shai’s comment about Christians not really being taught how to navigate courtships resonated with me, because in my own experience, I have either seen the worldly model of dating or an adapted Christian version of practically the same principles. Rarely have I heard leaders give the practical guidance that many obviously need; rather, I have heard marriage portrayed as some mystical experience, as if a ready-made husband or wife will just fall out of the sky one day. Therefore, it’s refreshing to hear discussions like this one happening among believers. Once again, I just love these two as a couple. Seeing them together brings out the foofy, romantic part of me that I often surpress lol. I hope you’re able to glean something from watching this as I was. Happy courting! G+P

Source: DaSouth.com

Yaves ft Fly Boy – “Yayo Remix” Music Video // @YavesEllis @Fly_Boy_Mental

I’ve been looking forward to this video dropping since I saw the preview on Youtube. This is my favorite song on In Summer’s Ear, mainly because Fly Boy is on it and he murked it. I have this not-so-secret obsession with Christian Hood Music, CHM for short, and Fly Boy has been on my radar for a minute. I was sad to see Fly Mental, LLC go, because they have consistently put out some of the best CHM in the industry. As a matter of fact, I featured Tattoos, Piercing, & Christ in the June 2011 edition of Noteworthy New Releases as an Honorable Mention (don’t sleep on those honorable mentions). Fly Boy also released a solo mixtape, Lyrical Expressions: Vol. 1, a little while back that you should definitely give a listen (Enter > Downloads > scroll down) …that is, if you’re into CHM as much as I am. He recently dropped a new mixtape, Faith Based, on October 8th, but I don’t know if it’s anywhere on the web yet (journalism fail). Anyway, back to Yaves, whose song this is… :) Go cop In Summer’s Ear, if you haven’t already, by clicking on this link right here : ISE. Enjoy the visuals! G+P

Editorial: It’s Official…Lecrae Doesn’t Give a Bleep! // @lecrae @reachrecords

Before I really get into this post, let me start by making a confession. Up until a few months ago, I was not too big on Lecrae’s music. The irony in all of this is that the first Christian rap song I ever heard that made me say, “Hmmm I could see myself bumping this”, was actually a Lecrae song — “Jesus Muzik” to be exact. Other than that one song, and a few others along the way, I hadn’t heard much of anything from him that stood out as being exceptional. I found his flows and wordplay quite unimaginative and it seemed as if his voice changed on every record. I’m all for expanding oneself in the styles of music you create, but when an artist is as well known as Lecrae, I should be able to recognize that he’s on a particular song just by listening to it. Continue reading

Brewer – “Any Time Soon” Music Video // @ItsBrewer

Nice! Thanks, Brewer, for giving me something to vibe to on this cold, rainy day that I almost got electrocuted standing outside. [He’s a keeper!] The UK has been bringing it so hard this year, that I’ve had to instate Affirmative Action just to make sure I was properly covering American artists. No kidding. Hope y’all enjoy the vid! G+P