Senator Brian Birdwell Shares Testimony for I Am Second Video Series // @IamSecond

The above video is one of a series of testimonies filmed for I Am Second, an organization that shares the gospel through the lens of real life testimonies and offers support to those who are searching for meaning in this life. After watching several testimonies, including this one which moved me deeply, I decided to look further into the organization’s mission. To my surprise and elation, their purpose is very similar if not identical to a vision that God gave me for an online support network of believers. Talk about answered prayer! Since dozens of well known people, such as Lecrae, Janine Turner, and Jason Castro, have contributed their time and testimonies to this movement, word has spread quickly and well over 25,000 people are following the organization on Twitter– that’s not even counting other avenues. My prayer is that, by the grace of God, IAS will continue to spread until it has reached every corner of the earth via hands on missions or online social networking. I will also be praying for success, growth, and clarity of purpose for all involved leaders, supporters, and volunteers as they continue to expand their reach and spread the gospel message. Seeing as Lecrae’s video for IAS can be found on several popular websites, I’ve decided to shed light on some testimonies that might have otherwise fallen under the radar. I hope you’re moved and encouraged by Senator Birdwell’s testimony as I was. G&P!

Karl Nova – More Than Just Music EPK/Mini-Documentary (Part 1) // @KarlNova

Those who haven’t been down with WDGAB from day one might not know this, but Karl Nova was the first artist to have his music featured on the blog and rightfully so. His music has the unique quality of getting me hype while engaging me spiritually and intellectually at the same time. Therefore, it should be of no surprise that I’m looking forward to hearing some new tunes from Mr. Nova. For now, check out this cool EPK where he gives some insight into his life, music, and worldview in between behind-the-scenes footage from the creation of his latest project, More Than Just Music. According to Karl, we can expect to hear MTJM some time next month. Enjoy! G+P

Christon Gray – “Isle Of You” // @christongray

Jesus knew what I needed in this moment. God is gracious! Seeing as an innocent, because he was far from proven guilty, man was just murdered in the state of Georgia less than an hour ago, I was quite enraged– then I saw this posted on Youtube. The soothing music, adorable photograph, and beautiful lyrics have helped to calm my spirit and bring some solace in the wake of this tragedy. Once again, God is gracious! I hope that this beautiful song will have the same effect on you as it has on me. You can find “Isle of You” on Christon Gray’s debut album, Evil with Evil with Me, which was released this summer. Be sure to go cop that on iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby. Hope you enjoy! G+P

King Mez Interviewed by ZTV // @KingMez @ZTVzee

Reasons I love King Mez: 1) He shows love to Baltimore 2) He’s a believer 3) He’s really talented. After that, what more do you need? But seriously, dude’s making a lot of noise in the underground hip-hop scene and getting love from people on all levels. If things keep moving at this rate, you can expect him to pop by this time next year. The song playing in the background of this video is called “Something Missing” which is one of my favorites from his latest release, The King’s Khrysis EP. Be sure to go ahead and download that if you haven’t already, then come back here and let me know what you think. Hope you enjoy! G&P

Source: Herfection

Kid Cudi “Comes Clean” in Oct/Nov 2011 Complex Issue

After a few very public embarrassments surrounding his reckless partying habits and an even more controversial separation from his management team, Pat & Emile, Mr. Mescudi sits down  with Complex magazine, and appropriately so, to reflect on the major events that have shaped his public image over the past year. In the following excerpt, he talks about the invigorating challenge of making music in his now sober condition:

Is this your first time creating music not under the influence?


What’s that like?

Stressful. But I love the challenge. It’s like a kid learning to ride a bike—you can’t have those training wheels forever. I have to learn how to be inspired by other things than my turmoil and pain and stress. I have to learn how to sit in the studio, clearheaded, and make a jam.

Read the full interview here