WTB?! Andy Mineo (f.k.a. C-Lite) Signs to Reach Records

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Andy Mineo, the artist formerly known as C-Lite, was officially introduced as the latest signee to Reach Records on July 28th, 2011. All the Lecrae fans out there might know him best as the dude singing on the hook on “Background“. Well, as the above video demonstrates, dude is also a very talented MC. If you want to hear some of his other music, simply search “C-Lite Sin is Wack” on google. While I am happy for all parties involved and excited to see what will come of this new partnership, in the words of Andy himself “It’s like a bull’s eye on my head that I’m wearing, but it’s not a Bulls snapback cap that I’m talkin bout”. Anyone who follows what’s happening in CHH knows that Lecrae and Reach Records have been under some harsh scrutiny lately, with many people accusing them of selling out. There’s even been talk of an affiliation with the “Illuminati”. Be sure to keep all of these dudes in prayer, as they continue to do the work of the kingdom. Congratulations to Andy Mineo for earning this remarkable opportunity and to Reach Records for acquiring a phenomenal artist and man of God. Grace & peace!



Next Ting 140 | Documentary

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I’m definitely looking forward to the release of this album on August 17th. Some of the UK’s finest talent in Gospel Rap have come together to create a 15 track album of authentic grime tunes. As sort of the spearhead, Guvna B explains why making the album was so important to him. A few others who were apart of the project share their reflections as well, including Jay Dolph whose mixtape, A New Chapter, is scheduled to release on August 5th. If you’d like to keep track of what these guys are doing, as well as other great UK gospel acts, be sure to check out GospelCypher.com. God bless & Enjoy!





Editorial: The Reward Of Holiness

The ongoing debate between reformed Christians and non-reformed Christians has yielded no heroes or villains. Both sides have displayed gracious and grievous behavior in their indictments against the other, leading to a complete draw. I have long debated with myself about which side is more correct and whether or not there is room for both within the body of Christ. After much time, consideration, and prayer, I have come to the conclusion that there is no need to accept one side over the other, because they both are correct. There is a vital place for both doctrines within the body of Christ, and by that I mean within the hearts of every believer. To be continued…

KamBINO – Turn The Cheek

KamBINO is one of my favorite Christian MC’s, he definitely falls in the top 10, so I’m excited for his new mixtape, The Decision, which will be dropping very soon. This is the second single to drop from this project, the first being his controversial remix to Tyler the Creator’s smash hit “Yonkers” called “Y(B)onkers”. If you have not yet heard “Y(B)onkers”, you can check that out on Rapzilla and read some of the interesting comments folks left about it. This latest single “Turn The Cheek”, however, sounds a lot more like the KamBINO we all are familiar with and have grown to love. Personally, I have no objections towards the previous single; but I can understand why it’s ruffled the feathers of many others. Respected MC and artist on Lampmode Recordings, Shai Linne, wrote an excellent article titled “6 Reasons Why Artists Change” for Rapzilla, which I suggest you read for a refreshing and relevant perspective on the subject. (Sidenote: I promise they’re not paying me for all these plugs lol) While bumping these two singles, continue to be on the look out for the complete mixtape, The Decision, which is set for release on August 2nd. Enjoy!


Pre-Order Stro’s Old Beat Farm on Bandcamp

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Stro Elliot (aka Stro the 89th Key), best known for his work as a member of The Procussions, is set to release his first official solo project, Stro’s Old Beat Farm, on July 26th. It’s a compilation of different instrumentals he has created over the years and it should be a real treat for all the classic Hip-hop fans out there. At $1, this is practically a steal; so if you are literally on your bottom dollar, you might want to just go ahead and purchase what is sure to be a classic. The option is there to donate more, so if you aren’t on your bottom dollar, I urge you to pay what you feel to be reasonable and appropriate for what is being offered. If you just can’t wait until the 26th, there’s still some time left to pre-order the album, if you’d like, at which point you’ll receive an immediate download of one track.¬†Enjoy!