“Hard For the King” – Jay Dolph & Tru2DaName #UK

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“Believe this, Jesus I am quick to rep/

He should’ve starred in gone in 60 Secs/

Though he hung with thieves to bring us back in/

He rose and took the keys, no car jackin/

But he did take bare whips/

He met sin and death but flipped their scripts/

God and man he fixed their relationships/

Now it’s hard for the king — blatant tip”

– Tru2DaName

I should’ve posted this a long time ago, but I majorly failed. Both these guys rip it pretty much every time they spit. Search their names on Gospel Cypher, and you’ll see just what I mean. Listen closely to what they’re actually saying, because there are a lot of metaphors and double entendres throughout the song. The above quote is taken from the last few lines of Tru2DaName’s 2nd verse. These dudes definitely go hard for the king, so the theme  of the song was appropriate. I hope you enjoy. Grace & Peace!

Happy Father’s Day! + A Special Song by JGivens

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Shout out to the bro JGivens (@PRAY4JGivens) for releasing this heartfelt and transparent song about his father. Be sure to follow him on Twitter and like his page on Facebook. Be on the look out for JGivens’ new single “Freedom”, off his debut album, which will be dropping in the near future. To all the men out there who are making a positive difference in some young person’s life, I commend you today and every day. Have a wonderful Father’s Day with those who cherish you most! Good Bless :)

Side Note: Dasouth.com asked all the Christian fathers to submit pictures of themselves with their families. Be sure to check out the lovely slideshow they put together when you have a chance.

Here’s the link: Father’s Day Slideshow


Are You Connected?

It was an ordinary day. And much like every other ordinary day, I spent a good portion of perusing around the Internet on my Macbook. I was in the process of downloading a new mixtape, when all of a sudden a window popped up informing me that I had some new updates to install. I checked to see if the updates were worth the momentary inconvenience, and after some consideration, decided to go through with the installation. However, shortly after I hit the button to begin installing, another window immediately popped up with a symbol that signified an important warning. The message in the window said that I was not connected to a power source and strongly urged me to do so before installing the updates. I have seen this same message pop up a few times before, but never before had I read it in this manner. I saw it as more than a programmed message, but as a warning of divine significance.Through that simple message, I heard God’s voice so clearly. He was issuing a warning not only to me but also to anyone who might be reading this. He wants us to know that, while our efforts towards self-improvement are commendable, they will never prosper without one key component – His power.  Before Christ went to complete his assignment on earth by dying on the cross, he gave his disciples a series of instructions regarding what would happen following his ascension. In John 16, Jesus tells the disciples not to be discouraged by his temporary departure, because he is sending a “Counselor” who will teach them many things they have never known before:

13 When the Spirit of truth comes, He will guide you into all the truth. For He will not speak on His own, but He will speak whatever He hears. He will also declare to you what is to come. 14 He will glorify Me, because He will take from what is Mine and declare it to you.

 The Lord is telling his close companions and all of us that everything we need, whether it is wisdom, power, encouragement, correction, or instruction, can only be found in His Spirit, which He has given us. We don’t have to rely on our own might to accomplish anything, because it is Him who will accomplish all things through us.

 What the world will never understand but the children of God must realize is that man has no power to stand on his own. Even the great men and authorities that rule over us have been set in place by God. We cannot change our destinies by merely following some special formula for success. In all these self-help novels and seminars, the one thing that’s missing is Christ. If we really want to see some lasting changes take place in our lives, we cannot lean on our own understanding and might. God knows what each of us needs, so it would be foolish not to seek His guidance in the journey towards self-improvement. Just like I can’t install a program designed for another computer system and expect it to work on my Mac, I can’t follow the same exact methods that somebody else employed and expect to yield their results. Christian, it’s great that you’re trying to make some updates in your life, but are you connected to The Power Source? If not any progress made will likely be short-lived and won’t function to its full capacity. Seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all the power needed to reach your full potential will be added unto you.

“Unless the Lord builds a house, its builders labor over it in vain…”

Psalm 127: 1a

NEW Jin – “Shoot For the Moon”

In honor of his birthday, rapper Jin has just released the first single from his sophmore, all English album. Be sure to check it out, and if you happen to see this on the 4th, wish him a Happy Birthday. I’ve included his latest 3-minute vlog below, where he briefly speaks about the new single. Enjoy! :)

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Bavu Blakes – “Eddie Long”

With the recent $15 million settlement of the controversial case between Eddie Long and his former “sons”, this song by Bavu Blakes has emerged from the shadows. I first heard of “Eddie Long” and its creator from a video post on DaSouth.com. I immediately found myself captured by the song’s powerful message and intrigued by Blakes’ unique flow. He first debuted the record earlier this year during his set at SXSW. I hope that you enjoy the song, but more importantly, that you take in its powerful message. You can keep track of what’s going on with Bavu Blakes’ music career and other ventures by following him on twitter — @bavublogs. Also, be sure to visit his Bandcamp to hear more music and check out his website.

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“Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” – Jesus

A Time Appropriate Recommendation

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June is a contemporary rock band comprised of Evan Chapman, Elias Yoon, Jason Min, and Sam Ock, who is also one third of Amp Movement. Their self-titled, debut EP was released in February of this year. Their sound reminds me of an early Maroon 5 before the heavy commercialization. While it has three songs on it, the EP was just enough to leave me hungry for more. I hope that you’ll feel the same way once you give it a listen for yourself. Watch the video above for a feel of what to expect then go and download the EP by clicking the following link: June The EP. Enjoy! :)