Daniel Johnson – You Make Me

I have a new album crush! If you knew all the leaps and bounds I went through (including activating a new credit card), you might ever so slightly understand how I feel about You Make Me. Words cannot describe how great this album is. It takes a lot for me to purchase an entire album without hesitation because 1) I’m a broke college student 2) there is lots of great free music out there to hold me over. With that being said, I have no problem with monetarily supporting art that strikes a chord in my soul– and this strummed the mess outta that chord. There are few things better (to me) than real music that addresses real topics and glorifies the only real God I’ve ever known. Not even a staunch atheist would be able to deny that dude did his thang on this album! Though I love them all, my favorite songs would have to be “You Make Me”, “You Satisfy”, “For My Good”, and “Yeah”. I suggest that you download the album on Amazon then go give it a really nice rating and review on iTunes. I’m so glad I found out about this artist….as I scratch my head and try to figure out exactly how. I guess it’s just a matter of divine providence. Enjoy!

J.R.’s Murray’s Grammar Mixtape Promo– #TeamWeirdo FIYA!

Whilst frolicking through the corridors of High Society’s website, I found this lovely gem of a video. Below the promo, is a video of JR performing one of the songs off the mixtape at SXSW. Super dope! I was already excited for this project, but now I’m uber-excited! Can’t wait! Murray’s Grammar, coming soon :)

Update: You can now download Murray’s Grammar by going to thisishigh.com

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

WTB?! Sho Baraka Leaves Reach after Selling Soul to the Devil

I’m sure that’s what some of y’all are thinking, right? Don’t front! I mean what person, in his right mind, would leave the mighty land of Reach? Well, either Sho Baraka has gone mad, or he’s beginning the next exciting chapter of his career.

I just find it ironic that I was thinking how unlike the other Reach Records artists he is for like two days leading up to this monumental announcement, no lie. Was I having a prophetic moment? I’m still kind of weirded out by the timing….but in any event, I guess one could say that I saw this day coming. Sho Baraka just doesn’t fit the same mold as the other artists on Reach Records. He’s always been a black sheep of sorts, and not just because he’s dark-skinned and wears black a lot. Everything from his musical style to his sense of humor is just different, from what the public has been allowed to see.

Despite the whispering tongues and looks of confusion, I think it’s a good move for Sho Baraka to separate himself from Reach Records. The blog post, written by Sho, on the label’s website suggests that the split was on good terms and I hope that it wasn’t just political jargon. I’ve heard, on several occasions, that the Christian music game isn’t a far stretch from the secular. I just hope that, in this case, industry and egos haven’t gotten in the way of kingdom building. As for the High Society Collective, from what I can see, it is NOT a record label– as several have prematurely claimed. It appears to be more of an initiative and partnership between likeminded people. It puts me in the same mind frame as a Black Ivy or All City Chess Club. Unless one is familiar with these types of initiatives, I can see why it’d be hard to figure out what exactly High Society is.

I’m not going to pretend like I have all the answers, because I don’t; I’m just throwing out one probable answer. In the meantime,  let’s wait to hear from the man himself what these transitions are all about; and until that time comes, chill out on all the assumptions and ill-informed notions. If you have time to sit and try to figure out what somebody else is doing, you have time to pray, read your bible, or share the gospel–and those latter three options are more productive. God speed to Sho Baraka on all his future endeavors, whatever they might be. I’m excited to see what the future holds for him. To be continued….

PS– No, you’re not crazy. Yes, Sho Baraka reminds me of Q-Tip too. Now stop bringing it up! Lol

Won’t You Say You Love Him Too? #UK

When i saw @KarlNova, @GuvnaB, and other really dope UK artists tweeting about this cat’s mixtape, i knew i had to take a listen. These weren’t just simple clicks of the retweet button, but they were full fledged endorsements. Now, i don’t take music advice from a lot of people, so for me to trust your taste speaks volumes about my feelings towards you as a creator and consumer of music. Anyway, this dude named Barney is not to be slept on; not just because he holds the name of my favorite childhood friend of all time, but because he’s got bars for days. What also impressed me was his selection of classic beats to rhyme over. As soon as i heard “Drrrooop!” coming thru my speakers, i knew i had struck gold (shout out to Pharcyde…Jesus is the answer). But yeah, this dude can really spit; and though i had trouble figuring out what he was saying at times, that just made me want to listen closer. While i don’t have a lot of UK artists in my iTunes, the ones i do have i consider to be true gifts to the field of music. And since i don’t have much space on my ipod (purchase fail), to make the cut means that you have definitely grabbed my attention. I wrote all this to say, make sure you go cop Barney’s new mixtape, The Freestyle Sessions, then come back and let me know what you think. I’ve left a treat and download link for you below. God bless and Enjoy! :)

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