Maaan…it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on this blog. As excited as I was about it at it’s inception, it’s a shame to see that the flame in my heart has decreased to a tiny simmer. Don’t get me wrong, the mission behind We Don’t Give a Bleep will always be valuable to me, but my passion and optimism aren’t what they used to be. This can probably be attributed to a handful of different factors, but I won’t get into all of that. I just don’t want to see the mission die. The world is so rich with talented, young Christians who need an avenue for their efforts to be appreciated. I would still love to be one of the people to help give them a voice in the world. When I see a Christian create something beautiful and unique that points back to the Gospel, that is beyond powerful to me. Just imagine if we put out a united front and made it our mission to change the image that the world has of us. I don’t think it compromises our message or mission to say that we aren’t what you think we are. I actually believe that it positions us to be better at what we’re here to do–make disciples. I sincerely believe that some people think, in order to be “good Christians”, they have to give up those things which make them special. Even the Christ didn’t throw aside his superb carpentry abilities, because he had other more important things to do. It was a part of who he was as a person (yes, he was a person too) and I’m sure that he lead several of his clients to Himself. Our first and most important job is to get the gospel message out there to the masses, but just imagine how much more effective we could be if we stayed true to ourselves. If you can’t even convince yourself that the role you’re playing is authentic, how can you convince the world? The truth is that you won’t. That’s why most people ignore Christians when they go out in their little church groups, hand out tracts, and recite their memorized scripts. People can tell the difference between when you’re just trying to fill your quota and when you’ve actually been moved by the Spirit to witness to them. Yes, even unrepentant sinners can tell. The people of world might be blind, but they aren’t stupid and they can certainly spot flesh when they see it. Why wouldn’t they be able to? After all, it’s the flesh that motivates worldly people every day. When was the last time someone was shocked by your authenticity or the fact that you weren’t sent out by your pastor to recruit some new tithers members? Be honest with yourself, do you even find spiritual fulfillment in what you’re doing? For now, I’m going to leave that alone; but I still want you to think about it. This was supposed to be a reflection on the past few months of my life–I don’t know how it turned into a sermon. I’m not here to preach. I’m just here to add some more life and flavor to this beloved blog. I can’t just let it fizzle and die. It wouldn’t sit well with me, and when I got to the day of judgment, I’d have some serious explaining to do. Get up from wherever you are, and go do something to make your dreams a reality. Touch someone’s life today and every day. Be the person that God lovingly and carefully created you to be. Don’t let your life pass you by. That breath you just took might be your last.

Love and Blessings,

LBJ <3